My first approach to every project is asking myself, "What can I do that hasn't already been done?" The second step is asking myself, "How can I come up with a solution that is fun and productive, yet unique?" When the flight attendant announced on the loudspeaker that the first person who spotted a whale, would receive a prize, I was the four year old on the plane who drew a whale on a vomit bag and won the prize. A task is not always about completing it the same way as it was done before, but rather, it can be about creating new and innovative approaches to receive a more positive response. I enjoy wearing different hats at once and being a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and magician allows for so much fun. The hats have no limits, and therefore, I thirst for knowledge and anything I do not already know, I am willing and eager to learn. 

Having a career as a magician especially helps my design career. I am forced to not only think outside of the box, but I am taught to create boxes that may or may not previously exist. I love creating a variety of solutions to every problem and having excellent time-management skills allows me to think creatively and bring a breath of fresh air to any problem in the same amount of time given.I pride myself on giving my 100% best effort towards any task delivered to me despite there being a possibility of a learning curve, and I excitedly and readily welcome in new challenges.

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