Email Campaigns



Users who sign up with Match tend to get a lot of emails on a regular basis. These emails are targeted to people who have signed up with match, and have let their memberships expire, or showed some interest in Match at one point in time. The Mystery Deal emails seemed to do well around the holidays. Data showed that the New Year's Mystery Deal offer email brought in $183k in revenue in 3 days!  


Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance regularly sends out emails to customers, agents, and employees. However, Farmers didn't have a template until I starting working for the company. After trailblazing email campaigns from design on Farmers Friendly Voice to policy reviews, I helped bring brand to life, and helped email engagement rise. These are some of the email templates I created.


Toggle Insurance

Toggle partnered with other companies to give their customers great perks. I created these emails as templates for future purposes.



While working for iconmobile, I was responsible for creating T-Mobile Scoop Emails. The emails had to work across different mail applications and for a variety of different devices. I did the production work and the front-end development.